Exemplar EULA

Web Embedding

This addendum to the numbered end-user license agreement (“EULA”) referenced above (the “License”) becomes effective on the date stated above (the “Addendum Effective Date”), on condition that you receive email confirmation from Darden Studio of its receipt from you of this Addendum dated and signed by an authorized representative of Licensee.

    1. The last sentence in section 1(a) of the License is hereby deleted in connection to the Font Software in connection with the uses permitted by this Addendum. This Addendum is effective only for a term of one year from the Addendum Effective Date. All use permitted hereunder must be discontinued by the term expiration date, subject to all of the terms and conditions of the EULA, unless you obtain a new addendum covering a future time period, which will be subject to Darden Studio’s pricing tables in effect at the time of renewal for the website traffic across all of your licensed websites.
    2. Sections 1(b) and 1(c) of the License are hereby modified to additionally permit you to express the Font Software in live-text format using “font-face” technology, including in a manner that permits end users to display the Font Software within the web browser applications on end-user devices, only on websites that meet the following three conditions:
      • (1) they are owned by you or they are contained in advertisements that are being served to a third-party website from one that is owned by you; and
      • (2) they are substantially connected to the licensed brand, and the brand is prominently displayed and identified on the websites; and
      • (3) the font files themselves are protected by Cross-Origin Resource Tracking (CORS) headers to prevent unauthorized domains from making use of the Font Software.
    3. The grant of rights in section B also applies to staging sites that are used for development activities for the licensed websites.
    4. Section 1(f) is modified to permit you to subset the Font Software files embedded in the licensed websites, that is, to create new files by means of a font-editing program to remove characters you do not require. In connection with the foregoing, you must retain the Darden Studio name of the Font Software. Darden Studio is not responsible for any display or other technical problems which may occur as a result of your use of third-party software to modify the Font Software as permitted by this Addendum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AMPV stand for?

AMPV stands for “Average Monthly Page Views”. We will take the monthly average over a 12 year period.

What if my website(s) are new (or about to change substantially) and I don’t have any stats yet?

We know what it’s like start a new project and want to support all our start-up customers. In this case we will trust you to make your best guess at the page views for the upcoming 12 months. We will issue only a one year license (licensees with a history can get longer licenses) and we will work with you at renewal time to agree to a fair price for the previous year if it turns out that your estimate was low.

I need the fonts now but don’t plan to start public use on my website for a little while, can I add it later?

Yes. As with all our licenses, you can always add rights, CPUs or whatever, later. When you’re ready you can contact us with your shop order number and tell us what you’d like to add.

Are you going to make me install software on my site(s) to track the pageviews?

No. We understand that the reason most clients want to self host is because they are concerned about either page load speed or security – both of which are undermined by third party software. We trust you to accurately report your page views to us.

Can I get a perpetual license?

At this time the maximum number is five years. Licensees whose websites have a history of use can license more than one year at a discount of 5% per additional year up to 20%. For example, if you license three years your entire license (including the first year) will be discounted by 10%.

Do you count Roman (upright) and Italic as separate styles?

Yes, they are licensed and priced as separate styles.

Pricing for one year:

AMPV 1 style 4 styles 6 styles 8 styles 12 styles 18 styles
10K $30 $54 $81 $108 $145.80 $216
50K $100 $180 $270 $360 $486 $720
250K $150 $270 $405 $540 $729 $1,080
500K $200 $360 $540 $720 $972 $1,440
1M $420 $756 $1,134 $1,512 $2,041.20 $3,024
2M $700 $1,260 $1,890 $2,520 $3,402 $5,040
3M $880 $1,584 $2,376 $3,168 $4,276.80 $6,336
5M $1,580 $2,844 $4,266 $5,688 $7,678.80 $11,376
10M $3,160 $5,688 $8,532 $11,376 $15,357.60 $22,752
15M $4,740 $8,532 $12,798 $17,064 $23,036.40 $34,128
20M $6,320 $11,376 $17,064 $22,752 $30,715.20 $45,504
100M $10,000 $18,000 $27,000 $36,000 $48,600 $72,000
500M $15,000 $27,000 $40,500 $54,000 $72,900 $108,000