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I have an existing license; may I add more users (CPUs)?

Yes. Our pricing model incorporates bulk discounts, so you will save money by paying the difference between your existing license and the new one (instead of purchasing a second license). We make this change manually, so please simply use our contact form to let us know the number of users you would like to add. Be sure to provide your Shop Order or License number.

Can I self-host your fonts on my website?

We license permission for self-hosting by issuing an Addendum to our standard License. The Addendum can only be issued to the owner of the named URL, so they must also be the holder of the standard License. All licensing includes subdomains and subdirectories of the named URL. We offer a choice between two addenda: single year (which can be renewed year-to-year – subject to possible price increases) or perpetual. Licenses are available for either top level domain or by second level domain label. If you would like to self-host our fonts on your website, please request a quote using our contact form. We will determine the fee after an evaluation of the website(s) in reference to our standard tier pricing model.

I'm interested in a testing license. How do I arrange it?

All Darden Studio fonts are available through Fontstand.  In addition to monthly rentals of fonts, Fontstand also permits a one hour testing use of all fonts.  Legacy fonts, such as Freight, are not available via Fontstand.  For testing inquires regarding Frieght please address all questions to Phil’s Fonts.

I have reviewed your standard EULA and want to use the fonts in way that is not permitted under the license. How may I obtain additional rights?

Most additional uses are permissible with the purchase of an Addendum. Please write to us via our contact form describing your additional use in order to request a quote.

I would like to use your fonts on a product I will offer for sale. Is that allowed?

Use of the fonts on the surface or user interface of a product can be permitted with an addendum to a Standard License for an additional fee. If you would like a quote, please send us a request via our contact form, describing the product and expected market.

I have an existing a la carte license; may I add more styles to it?

No, that would create a lot of really confusing paperwork. Licenses can only be expanded to increase the number of users – not the number of styles. If you would like to license additional styles, you will need to purchase a separate license.

Do you have relationships with any third-party webhosting services?

Yes. Omnes Pro, Jubilat, and Dapifer are all available via Adobe TypeKit.

I don’t want to pay extra for a Webfont, but want to use your fonts on my website: is there a “free” option that's permitted by my standard license?

Yes, our standard License permits the use of our fonts as static images on websites without any additional licensing.

Do you sell enterprise licenses?

We sell what we call a “Group License,” which permits the licensee to install the fonts on an unlimited number of computers that are owned by it, within a defined group. Any group of more than 120 users that can be defined can be licensed. As with all large licenses, we process purchases of group licenses manually. If you would like to arrange one please use our contact form to initiate the purchase. If you would like to allow the font software to be used by an unlimited number of individuals who are not employees of the licensee, you may separately purchase an unlimited Distribution Addendum to your License.

I would like to use your font to make a logo. Do I need to pay for additional licensing?

Only on the 31st of February – in other words, “no”.

I am using a Darden Studio font on my website via TypeKit. If I want to use the font for some other aspect of my business, do I need to make a purchase from you?


I love Birra! What sorts of usage am I permitted with it?

Birra is made available subject to the conditions that are contained in our standard EULA. Click here to view the EULA.

My company has more than one location. Do I need to license each separately?

No. Our licenses are issued to a company. As long as the fonts are installed on computers owned by the named company, it does not matter where the computers are located.

My company owns other companies and/or multiple brand identities. Do I need to license each separately?

Yes. Our licenses are intended for the use of the named licensee only. If the entity named in the license is the parent company, then its use will be limited to the business of the named parent company and will not include the business of the subsidiaries. Similarly, if you have multiple brands, our policy is that the brand for which the fonts were purchased should be named in the license. Since it is not possible for us to scrutinize all website purchases, if a purchase on our website does not identify the company or brand, the first company or brand for which the font software is used will be deemed to be the named licensed company or brand.

My company uses a fonts server. How do I know what size license to purchase?

Simply count the number of computers that will be able to access the fonts and add one for each computer of the server. This is true even if your font server permits you to restrict the number of simultaneous users. For example: If you have a three CPU font server and eight computers that will be able to use the fonts from the server, you need an eleven CPU license.

Legal documents confuse me. Are there a few easy rules for me to follow so I know what I can and can't do without purchasing additional rights?

Yes. . . and no. Here’s your cheat sheet: One, the Standard License permits only the named licensee to use the font files. Two, the named licensee is allowed to use the fonts in static format and to send static files to any unlicensed user. (the exception is that use of the fonts – even statically – as part of the surface or user interface of a product requires an Addendum.) Four, any live electronic use requires an Addendum. Three, no one is allowed to modify the font files without our specific permission. But our lawyer makes us add the “. . . and no” because a short list cannot replace a three page document. When in doubt, ask us or consult an attorney.

Pricing and Purchasing

How does your pricing model work?

Our pricing model discounts the price per CPU whenever more than one CPU is licensed and/or more than one style is purchased.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes. All people with valid IDs from accredited educational institutions are eligible for a 50% discount (as are the institutions themselves). For a license covering fewer than 45 CPUs, please first apply for a discount code by filling out the application on our contact page. You will need to be ready to upload an image of your valid ID when you submit the form. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue discounts after a purchase is complete.

Do you offer discounts to charities?

We determine, on a case by case basis, if we are able to offering a 50% discount to a qualifying charity. Please use our contact form to request consideration.

My company is tax-exempt in New York State. How do I arrange to pay for my license without being charged sales tax?

Any purchase on our website will automatically include sales tax to New York State entities. Therefore, please use our contact form to let us know what you would like to buy, and be sure to attach proof of your tax-exempt status. We will manually process your order.

Why can't I buy more than six styles a la carte?

You don’t really don’t want to do that. In fact, in order to save you money, we programmed our shopping cart to prevent a la carte purchases of more than six styles (because after that point it actually costs more than buying the complete family).

Why can't I buy a license on your website for more than 45 CPUs?

To protect your security, we take all orders for licenses of 46 and more CPUs manually. To complete your order, please use our contact form to let us know what you would like to buy.

What if I need a font in a format that is not sold on the site?

If you need a format that is not on our website, please do not make an online purchase. Instead use the contact form to describe to us what you require. We can then let you know the time and cost (if applicable) to provide you with the alternate file format. In most cases, we can provide an alternately formatted font within a few business days at a modest or no cost.

How do I license Freight?

All purchases of Freight should be made from Phil’s Fonts, Inc., www.garagefonts.com. They can be reached by email at info@philsfonts.com and by phone at 1-800-424-2977.

Can I get an invoice for the order I already completed on the website?

Our system automatically sends an electronic receipt upon completion of online purchases. Invoices are not created during an online purchase and cannot be made retroactively.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

In our experience, formal “VAT receipts,” contain (among other details) the VAT number of the seller. As a U.S. company, we do not collect or report VAT. It is therefore impossible for us to generate a VAT receipt. If a receipt on letterhead, referencing your VAT number would suffice, you may request one using our contact form. Please be sure to provide your shop order number.

I can see that the shopping cart asks for both “licensee” and “billing” information. What will happen if I enter different information in the two sections?

Entering different information in the licensee and billing sections at check-out will cause our website to send separate emails to the email addresses you provided: one to the licensee, which will contain the download link for the fonts and an exemplar End User License Agreement but no payment information; and one to the payee, which contains the receipt but no link to download the font.

Working with Clients and Vendors

I'm a graphic designer, and I want to purchase a font on behalf of my client. May I do so on your website?

Yes. Just be sure to enter your information in the “payee” section and enter your client’s information in the “licensee” section. Our website will send two separate emails: one to the licensee, which will contain the download link for the fonts and an exemplar End User License Agreement but no payment information; and one to the payee, which contains the receipt but no link to download the font. Since all licenses are non-transferable and purchases made on our website cannot be refunded, please take special care to be sure that you enter the correct entity as the licensee. For licenses for more than 45 CPUs, you may still purchase on behalf of a client by using our contact form.

I'm a reseller. May I make a purchase for my client on your website?

Resellers must obtain permission from us before making a purchase on our website. In order to start the process, please write us using the contact form.

If I add some additional users to my license can I give the font files to my marketing, branding, graphic design or web-development vendor?

No, as the standard License permits the font to be installed only on computers owned by the named licensee. In most cases, the best way to license third parties is for them to purchase an additional license. Clients who change vendors with some frequency will save money by purchasing a Distribution Addendum.

What is a Distribution Addendum?

A Distribution Addendum is a good option for companies who have a changing list of outside vendors. It permits a licensee to share the font files with outside individuals and organizations without separate licensing. Please use the contact form if you would like a quote.

Does my printer need a License to print my materials?

No, the License permits distribution to 2D printers on the condition that they delete the fonts on completion of the project.

Technical Support

I just tried to install Jubilat and received a FontBook error. Should I be worried?

You have identified a known issue with FontBook that sometimes appears when installing Jubilat – which we are happy to say you can ignore. You may install the font files without worry.

Your fonts aren't working properly in my version of Microsoft Word. Do you have an alternate version?

We currently have a Microsoft-compatible (MSC) version of Omnes Pro; it is available to licensed users upon request at no additional cost. We expect to have MSC versions of Jubilat and Dapifer soon. To request an MSC version of an already licensed font, please use our contact form and provide your license number.


Can I intern with you?

Unfortunately, we are not taking on any interns.

What's the font that you use for the titles of font names?

Why, that’s Zydeco, which has not yet been released. If you would like to buy it when it’s available, please join our mailing list.